Internal Live Broadcast

With ready-to-use cloud technology, you can start broadcasting at anytime and anywhere you want.

Internal VOD Broadcast

You can publish any content you want on the platform or channel without sacrificing quality.

Video Photo Display

Adding your video and photos to live stream enhances your content.

10x Different Screen Control

You can easily manage your broadcast on 10 different screens with the touch screen.

USB Storage

You can record broadcasts without limitation and high quality with external memory.

12x Special Effects and Transition Features

You can enhance your broadcast experience and color it with different transition effects with luma, chroma, linear and pattern features.

3x SDI + 3 HDMI Input

You can broadcast up to 6 cameras.

2x Increased / Expanded Screen Output

You can share the published content on different screens.

Title / Subtitle / KJ

You can instantly and easily add content such as a score or title to the post.

8 Channel Audio Input

With different channel entries you can take advantage of events such as concerts, rallies and conferences.

Audio Mixer Hardware

You can use voice controllers easier.

Multiple Video Output

Combine different images and broadcast them in one screen. You can install it in online reji.


You can capture the opportunity to save the content that is installed in online reji and save the image from each camera one by one if you wish.

Multi Platform Broadcasting

It is the platform that allows you to send your broadcast to news agencies such as AA and IHA, all social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Periscope, Twitch, YouNow, Digiturk, D-Smart, Tivibu, Teledünya, FilmBoxe, CableTv or any internet service provider in the world.

Online Cloud Reji

It is an infrastructure that allows you to enter live cam streams and create live streams and playlists from live video or system installed videos, let you enter subtitles and other animations, edit your encoders without having to render, and arrange at an extraordinary speed.

VMS (Video Management Systems)

VMS is colleted under 3 main title

  • Audience
  • User Publisher System
  • Channel System


By using membership system, you can offer channel and packages to your audiences for free or premium. In the system, after the using of Video Content and Copright, audiences can not access any content in the system without your approval.

User Broadcast System

You can give any member who you want to oppurtinity for live broadcasting and you can want fee demand payment for these broadcasts.

Channel System

You can open channels online as many as you want. Channels admins and editors which you give authorisation can do several operations in the channel like all updates, opening of channel and uploading video.
You can create VOD Offline 7/24 playlist in the channel system. You can define broadcasting second to second, minute to minute like live stream. You can create playlists for daily and weekly.

Play Out & Kj

You can create VOD Offline 7/24 playlist in the channel system. You can define broadcasting second to second, minute to minute like live stream. You can create playlists for daily and weekly.
By using our Multi Platform ReStream service, you can publish any platform stream you want. By using our EPG service you can share time zones in your playout with all devices.

EPG Program

You can share time intervals of your playout datas with the playlist which designed in playout, daily and weekly 7/24 streams, digital platforms like IPTv Setup Boxe, Cable Tv, Digiurk and D-Smart.

The service of live broadcasting, set up a channel and creating interactive video marketing platform under favour of compression technology 20 times faster than all present systems.

Clou Local Encoder creates 10 profiles. It creates 10 profiles between 144p and 4k by using GPU and CPU power at the same time, sends your videos very fastly to your system on cloud.

Cloud Encoder Supports All Formats

The best formats for optinal content are MP4(file type), H.264 (video codec component) and AAC (sound codec component). Files with different types can be used on the system and transfomed to best settings for access to all devices.

SDI, HD-SDI video input and loop output HEVC (H.265) or H.264 coding Unicast,Multicast generates an HD and an SD stream as simultaneously. HDMI – SDI and IP output works compatible with several CDN and Live Streaming services.

Supports live broadcasting platforms. It can publish stream to multi platforms. Web-based remote control, control, access from anywhere via maintenance and update screen. HD-SDI or SD-SDI digital video, 4K-2K-1080p input, SDI-HDMI output.

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