Clou VMS (Video Management System)

Raiting Following

It is our service where you can enter your ads in a specific area or full screen within the broadcast screen and what you can track how many viewers are instantly on your multi-and cross-platform broadcasts.


Chat from All Platforms

Beside of your contents which streamed on multi platforms, you can control all chats via one screen which streamed on whole social media accounts like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Younow, Periscope etc.. You can define assistant admins.


Sale Your Products

It is our service that you can show and sale your products in full screen or as well as the products added by different companies or what you can use the corner of the broadcast screen that shows your products or added products according to viewer profile tendencies. The products defined in ClouShop can also be added to your multi-platform broadcasts.

Broadcast Advertisement

You can show different advertisements to different audiences accordig to audience profile predisposition (location, age, sex etc..).

You can add advertisements to inside of playlist on your broadcast. It provides to show your advertisements at your own platforms, televisions and multi platforms according to profile predisposition.

You can see that your members or clients bought which package or live stream events.

You can activate Clou DRM service, gather new contents in different packages, create different price structures.

You can see your clients’ payment details and manage them.

It defines with an ID under video program, in playlist or playout and in CLOUPLAY system. It is our system which you can define a lot of different detail like video name, explanations, category, key words, director, producer, country explanations, cast and crew.

The Clou Video SEO system, as a separate service within the CLOU API has the ability to introduce itself to other systems by developers.

Clou Admin Console makes easier to manage several ClouPlay accounts. It can be managed efficiently all accounts in admin console. You can monitor and easily access to all ClouPlay accounts from one console, save new accounts by using templates which configured previously, you can view usage reports for every account or group and much more.

It is the infrustructure we develop for you to build infrustructure and player belongs to your brand. By using this system, you can use your corporate name on, add your own brand on every streams in cross platforms and change whenever you want instantaneously.

Clou IOT is the system to define on live streaming, under favour of the services in CLOU API, like white goods manifacturers (refrigerator, furnace, heathers, washing machine, air conditioner, water heater, dish washer etc.), security cams, electric meters, water meters etc.

With Clou Conference you can make video conferences with more than 1 person across the entire Cross Platform. You can save your opinion.

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